Friday, 18 March 2005

Custom News

I have been using Google News as one of my main news website for some time now. But it has just got even better! You can now customise it by removing or adding sections. The sections can be standard sections taken out of the different language editions or custom sections where you define the search terms. You can also arrange the sections on the page the way you want. I normally read the UK edition of the site because this is where I live. But, as I am French, I've now added the news section about France out of the French edition. I also added a few custom searches: Europe, Middle East and Cash Management. The result is all the news I am interested in one practical page. With the custom sections, the possibilities are endless: you could remove the Sports section and replace it with a Football and a Rugby sections for instance, so that you don't get the news on Cricket or Golf you're not interested in. Even better, if you're a fan, you can have specialised sections on Manchester United or Maria Sharapova. You have to give that much to Google: they keep coming up with great ideas on how to make good use of their efficient search engine. Because a good search engine is not enough: like any other tool, what makes it excellent is how you use it to bring people the information they're looking for in the form they want.

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