Monday, 14 March 2005

BlogRolling Problems

I have two blogrolls that are managed by BlogRolling in the sidebar of the this page. The idea for the Books one was that I'd show in there the last 10 books I have been reading. Consequently, I set my blogroll to order the entries according to time, the most recent first, and to prune to 10 entries. Well, the pruning works well but the ordering is completely off: the entries are ordered in a way that has nothing to do with time, alphabetical order or anything else in the links themselves. It is not random though because it is always ordered the same way. I have sent a message to the BlogRolling team so we shall see what the answer is. In the meantime, I have disabled the pruning option to make sure the latest entries are displayed. If anybody has had similar problems with it, please let me know.


LaCandida said...

Hi B!

Just to let you know I looked your blog in firefox mac and all the right bar shows on the bottom. I didn't even now what were you talking about as I didn't see it.
Is that part of the problem you are talking about?

Unknown said...

The right bar showing at the bottom would be Firefox for Mac calculating width differently than Firefox for Windows and getting its knickers in a twist. Ah well, I suppose I'll have to try my CSS design in more than just one browser.