Sunday, 12 March 2006


I've just finished packing my laptop bag to take on my flight to Atlanta tomorrow. The amount of gadgets that go into this bag is frightening:

  • 1 laptop with accessories:
    • power cable and transformer,
    • modem cable,
    • mini USB mouse (thanks to Elena),
    • microphone + headphone combo (thanks to Elena as well),
    • USB key,
    • USB serial port,
    • USB extension cable;
  • 1 digital SLR camera:
    • camera body,
    • standard lens,
    • telephoto lens (in its separate bag),
    • charger,
    • spare battery,
    • mini tripod,
    • small external flashgun (I gave up taking the big one),
    • hotshoe spirit level,
    • cable release,
    • USB connection cable;
  • 1 Nokia mobile phone charger;
  • 1 iPod charger;
  • 2 power adapters for the US.

The guys at the airport will think I'm trying to open a branch of Dixons the other side of the pond.

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