Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Vodafone change of ownership

Before my previous company closed down, I filled in all the forms so that the Vodafone contract for my mobile phone be moved from the company to me. I haven't heard from them all this time. So I decided to give them a call yesterday. They say they never received the form so nothing has been done. They are sending me a new one that I will need to send again, with a letter from the company. I managed to arrange the letter so I should be able to get everything done. Now, the Vodafone guy said that the transfer would need 21 days. So it looks like it will happen while I am in the US. Now what are the chances that something will go wrong and I will end up without a working phone while in the US?

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Anonymous said...

Funnily enough Bruno, exactly the same thing happened to me. I had to send over not just the transfer of ownership form, but also a letter from 'the old company' plus photocopies of my bank statements, utilty bills etc. Guess what, 3 weeks later, they claimed to have never received it. I threatened to ditch the phone and go with another service provider unless they sorted it out pronto, and a few days later it was all sorted.

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