Monday, 23 January 2006

Atlanta here I am!

I just arrived in Atlanta. The flight was good. The weather here is mild (9 Celsius) but very foggy, like London on a bad day.

It's the second time I come here and the logic of Atlanta's airport luggage management still escapes me. I mean it's the only airport in the world I know where you have to pick up your luggage twice: once before customs then you have to check it back in, take a train to baggage reclaim and pick it up again there. Tonight they also managed to spread the luggage from my flight between two carousels at the first pickup, meaning we all had to go from one to the other until we found our stuff; and at the second pickup, they were very careful to only indicate carousels for Delta Airline flights. A sign did say that all international bags were on carousel 3 but not seeing mine, I eventually asked some staff who pointed out as if it was obvious that the bags from the Air France flight were on carousel 4. Having picked up my luggage and heading for the exit, I saw that they had a box of feedback leaflets. I would have happily filled one in to help them improve their service if the box had not been empty.

Anyway, I'm here with all my luggage so it's all good.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how weird, there we are planning the European thing and you are so close! Any plans to come down to South Florida? =)