Monday, 9 January 2006

A good day for business

It was a good day today.

I started the day by dropping at the bank to give them the last pieces of paperwork they were expecting to be able to fully open the business account.

I then had a meeting with guys from a company that is in the same space as my old company and who are currently recruiting. We had a very good meeting and they are interesting not only in doing business with me but also with the rest of the technical team I used to work with. As those guys are on short term contracts at the moment to perform technical hand-overs to the Irish company that took over some of our old customers, it might be a good opportunity to get their next jobs sorted.

When I came back home, I called my first customer, the American company that took over my old company and the whole reason why I am starting my own business now. I wasn’t aware of it but apparently I can already invoice them for being available for phone support during the month of January for one of the customers they took over. It’s not a huge amount of money but it will definitely help my cashflow. Fantastic! I’ll have to go to the bank tomorrow to get the SWIFT code of the branch so that they can transfer the money across the pond. I also need to sort out flights to Atlanta as they want me out there on the 23rd for a few weeks.

Then I called the CEO of another company I had seen before Christmas and who was interested in doing work with me as well. He still wants to do so, once I’m done with the work in the US, so I’ll talk to his head techie this week and I might even end up spending a couple of days in Malta to see their technical team. Just what I need: a couple of days in the sun, in a place I’ve wanted to visit for some time. And all in the name of business.

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