Sunday, 8 May 2005


I had an unexpected surprise on Thursday. I was torturing my brain cells at work by debugging some fairly convoluted code when I was asked to join an informal meeting in our CEO's office, aka the fish bowl. At the end of it, it was agreed that I would be the one to go to Turkey next week with our favourite salesman, Jason, to support him at a technical level. It normally is the responsibility of pre-sales to do this but it so happens that, next week, I have less to do in the office so it is more sensible to send me. I was supposed to be there from Tuesday night to Thursday night but I thought it'd be nice to stay the week-end so I took Friday off and I will be flying back to London on the Sunday night. I have never been to Turkey so it should be an interesting experience. My assumption is that it will be like a mix between Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East but I am sure they have other wonderful peculiarities. Of course, I will take my camera with me.

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