Monday, 16 May 2005

Sea, Sand, Sun

Altinkum beach

Altinkum beach Posted by Hello

Turkey was absolutely fantastic. I loved Istanbul: the bazaars, the mosques, the people, the atmosphere of it all. Except that it was a bit chilly so going to Didim, near Milas, South of Izmir and North of Bodrum, afterwards was just what I needed to completely relax and enjoy the sunshine. It was warm, the beach was beautiful and there was plenty to see and keep me busy for the week-end. In fact I could have stayed there much longer but my boss might have objected to that. I thought I'd share with you one of the photos I took of the beach, on Saturday, so that you understand what I mean. The guy sprawled on the sand in the bottom left corner is typical of the average tourist there: complete relaxation... until you realise you forgot the sun block.


c said...

hey bruno!

you were that close to cairo!!?? and you didn't come??!! aaaaaaaaahhhhh....... marra gaiyya, insha allah (next time, insha allah ;) )

This is chitra from lacoctelera/language


c said...

p.s. nice pictures.. didn't really read blog tho.. early morning (err.. 12:20 pmish) after late late night ;)

Unknown said...

I only had a few days. Besides, I've been to Cairo before and I loved it :-)