Wednesday, 10 November 2004


I was randomly looking on the net for toys to attach to my Palm Tungsten T3. In particular, I was looking for a camera. Why a camera? True, I already have a 35mm SLR camera and a compact digital one. But the SLR is bulky, the digital one is not the best designed I've ever seen and it sounded cool to be able to take pictures with my palm and take advantage of the large LCD screen. In the process, I found out there was a new Palm Tungsten T5, I also found a very good blog with interesting articles on Palm and iPod toys but only came accross two cameras that could work with my T3, one from Spectec and one from Pretec. Veo looked promising for a minute and then appeared to be only for Pocket PC. All in all, the choice is quite limited. You would have thought that, considering the number of camera phones on the market nowadays, more than one or two manufacturers would have thought of integrating a camera with a PDA. Obviously not.

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