Tuesday, 30 November 2004

Round Italy on a Vespa

I've had Vroom with a View on my pile of books to read for some time now and I started reading it yesterday. By the end of the first chapter, I was already laughing out loud in the tube, to the dismay of my fellow passengers. The book is about the author, Peter Moore, driving around Italy on a 1961 Vespa motorscooter, trying to live la dolce vita. I just love the way Moore has to describe his travels, with his ability to highlight the good, funny and ridiculous of any weird situation in a way only an Aussie can do. Vroom With A View is one of the best examples of this and is just a joy to read. This book will make you want to travel, will give you the urge to buy a plane ticket to Italy, buy a Vespa and whiz around in the sun. This is what travel books should be about, not a boring story about a scary place far away but an exhilarating tale that makes you want to pack up your bags and go. In this sense, Moore is a master story teller. And when you're done with Vroom, go and read his other books, they are equally entertaining.

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