Sunday, 21 November 2004

Second Step, Patch 1

Here we go, just after doing my second template change, I patched it again within minutes to change the style of <code> and <pre> tags. I shamelessly stole the idea from the XStandard web site. So, my thanks to their web designer, I now like the way the content of my <code> and <pre> tags looks like.


Anonymous said...

Things are looking much better - far less "default" than previously.

As for the Blogroll, if you had control of your server (or could suck up RSS feeds) then you could use Blogrolling's (free) RSS retrieval and format it how ever you wanted. Ahh, the joys...

...Coofer Cat

Unknown said...

I hope they're looking less "default" than previously because the previous design was one of the default Blogger ones :-) As for RSS, unfortunately, I don't have control of the server so I can't do that. Maybe one day I'll spend the time to sort out a server at home and host it myself but not now.