Monday, 3 July 2006


Now that England is out of the World Cup, who will the England fans cheers in the semi-finals? We have a choice of Germany or Italy on Tuesday and France or Portugal on Wednesday. I would guess that the average England fan might cheer Italy rather than Germany on Tuesday. However, on Wednesday, I just don't know. Portugal are the ones to blame for England not being in the semi-finals so you would think they would cheer France. Then again, that thought is anathema to an Englishman: a real Englishman can cheer anyone but France. So it will be a case of keeping a stiff upper lip and cheering the valiant enemy that brought them down over the weekend.

Note that those are the same people who complain when the Scots say they will cheer anyone but England.


Anonymous said...

The English will cheer for nobody, they'll just continue to fight and destroy things like the fucking beer bellied thugs that they are. Fucking bastards.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to a France vs Germany final, purely on the grounds of the fight that those teams have shown so far, and for the entertainment value of their football. France were incredible against Brazil, and Germany have been impressive throughout and would deserve to win.

It does feel a bit alien I admit, being English, to be in this position, but I feel sorry for anyone, be they English, Scottish or whatever, who is small-minded enough to have the 'Anybody but X' mentality. Aren't we capable of being above that in this day and age?