Sunday, 9 July 2006


Is a word that can be applied to Zinedine Zidane tonight. Idiot is another. I am glad Italy won.


Anonymous said...

That's probably the worst of it: not just that he probably denied the French team the victory that they deserved, but that he denied you a sense of pride in your team's performance and spirit in defeat.

As all England supporters know, that's the only consolation left at times like these.

LaCandida said...

I totally disagree with you.

Zidane is very well known for being an excellent player and serving as an example of good behaviour and calm to all of his teammates.

On the other hand, Materazzi is famous for being one of the most violent defenses around the world, using consistently aggresive playing style.

So, yes, Zidane lost his head. I don't justify him.
But what could be so offensive that he reacted that way?

In that case, the italian player shares half of the responsability.
FIFA is very clear about Fair Play: "Respect opponents, team-mates, referees, officials and spectators"
The italian started it.

Although Zizou is a professional, he is a human being as well.
I bet all of us would get pretty rageous if someone insulted us so offensively.

As we say in spanish, "on the sin, he carried his punishment". He contributed to his team defeat, and was so ashamed that didn't want to pick up his medal. (What a retirement!)

Calling him a "Disgrace" is denying how he lead France to the final, how many people he inspired and most of all, how he contributed to make football the incredible show it is.

Should we all call ourselves a Disgrace because we lost our head sometime?

Anonymous said...

Although I also wated to Italy to win I don't agree on using racist insults to get your way. Zidane is a fair player and if someone called your mother a "terrorist whore" you would not certainly not sit back and do nothing about it either! I hope FIFA investigate this further.

Anonymous said...

so silly!!!! who heard what Materazzi said to Zidane??? Nobody!! This would be an ordinary situation (it always happens on the field) if it weren't the final of the World Cup. Zidane is a hero, Materazzi - a bastard!! Even if he said something about his mother, it wasn't personal, it was used figuratively. It's obvious!!! There are a lot of variations with "mother" and "f..." I wont write them here :-)
What about the fighting after the match Argentina-Germany???? It's not fair play as well.