Sunday, 30 October 2005

Power To The City

The power grid in Iquitos seems to be slightly over used. Every night, when the sun sets and electric light is switched on everywhere, one part of the city or other suddenly loses power. Sometimes, the whole city. It usually comes back in a few minutes but in the meantime business might stop. You can therefore classify shops, restaurants or hotels according to their emergency lighting solution:

  • Places that have a full blown generator and keep doing business as normal;
  • Places that have emergency lighting where business can continue as normal although it might be difficult to read labels due to the weaker light;
  • Places that have a stock of candles, which can make it very romantic, so this is the preferred option for small restaurants and bars;
  • Places that don't even have a candle which makes it very difficult to do any business at all but somehow they manage.

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