Friday, 14 October 2005

More Comment Spam

I wish I didn't need to do it but I just re-configured this weblog to only accept comments from people registered with Blogger because I was getting too much comment spam. It won't solve the problem completely because some of the spammers are actually registered users. Sorry about that. Maybe you can report spam from registered users to Blogger. I'll have to check out.


Bruce Riddell said...

Do you think that blog spam is a problem?

Then you should read today's blog article.
Is there such a thing as spamming a blog?

Clickbank Mall said...

So many blogs and only 10 numbers to rate them. I'll have to give you a 10 because you have done a good job. Great Job,

Blog news.

Google has created a "no follow" tag that is using that will stop comment spammers links to get indexed in to Google search engine, Thus should help stop some comment spam from happening.

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Bruce Riddell said...

Still posting this stuff?
Let me have one last say about this whole unfortunate episode. This stupid smear of my good name happened because I wrote an article in my own blog that turned out to be an unpopular opinion and then invited spam blogs to read it.

It appears that a small but vocal group of people have adopted the point of view that “the end justifies the means”.... so watch out, YOU could be the next one to be sacrificed on their unholy alter of political correctness.