Sunday, 2 October 2005

Peru Here I Come!

On Saturday I will be 1 year older. But more interestingly, that day, I will be on a plane to Lima, to spend a 5 week holiday in Peru. I haven't completely sorted the itenary yet but the rough plan is:

  • Lima for 3 days;
  • Nazca to see the famous lines, with maybe a stop in Pisco on the way to see the nature reserve of Islas Ballestas;
  • Road and train to Cuzco, probably via Arequipa and Puno, with a peek at Lake Titicaca;
  • 3 days in Cuzco to aclimatise to the altitude, followed by the 4 day Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu and return to Cuzco by train;
  • Iquitos, one of the few inland cities in the world that is not reachable by air road, only by plane and boat, because it is in the middle of the rain forest, on the Amazon river;
  • Tarapoto, still in the rain forest for less remote than Iquitos;
  • Chiclayo, on the coast, with possibly a couple of days in Piura near the border with Ecuador and where the beaches are supposed to be fantastic;
  • Trujillo, still on the coast, to see some more beaches and the ruins of Chan Chan;
  • Back to Lima, with possibly a stop in Chimbote on the way.

Of course, I'll have my camera with me, with enough film to last me the whole holidays*.* Yes I still use film. I am planning to replace my EOS 3 with a brand new digital EOS 5D but unfortunately Canon have decided to release that model next month, while I am away. So stay tuned for some Peruvian photos.


Marco R said...

Cool! Peru is great man!
Send me a line if you r in Lima.


Ken Collins said...

That's great you're going to Peru. I lived in and around Chiclayo for a few years. Beaches are really nice. If you have the chance you should go to the ruins of "El Senor de Sipan" just outside of Chiclayo. There is also a neat museum in Lambayeque which is close to Chiclayo. Piura is ok but I prefer Chiclayo. The food is great...the best ceviche ever!
Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Marco: I will be in Lima a few days so I'll drop you a mail when I'm there.

Ken: thanks for the advice, I should have time to go to "El Senor de Sipan" so will try to do so.

And thanks to Irina for pointing out that my sentence on Iquitos didn't make sense. It should read better now.