Thursday, 13 January 2005

WMD? what WMD?

After 2 years search and not finding, The US have decided to end the search for WMD in Iraq. Apparently, they've been much more difficult to find than anybody expected. Funny that because, when Saddam Hussein was in power and the West had little access to Iraq, it was all very easy to verify that the Iraqi had WMD and were ready to use them. Now that the US are supposedly in control of the country, they can't find them anywhere, even though they've looked very hard. Now, if you were cynical, you might ask why we went to war in the first place then? Is it that the US and British intelligence agencies are really bad and were made to believe there were WMD in Iraq? If yes, who made them believe this? Or is it that the real reason had to do with oil? We will probably never know but one thing is sure, during the next few months we will subjected to another type of WMD, favourite weapon of governments, the Waffle of Mass Distraction.

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