Monday, 3 January 2005

The perfect New Year holiday

I had a great New Year holiday. With a group of friends, we went to Barcelona, home of Antoni Gaudí. We all arrived on different days, at different times but most of us had time to enjoy Barcelona before the big party, especially considering the weather was very warm for the season, 15 Celsius with a bright blue sky. We also enjoyed some of the most amazing food: tapas, seafood, etc.

On the 31st, we all headed to Rita Blue for a nice meal, lots of champagne and lots of partying. At 4am, we decided to move somewhere else and ended in El Cangrejo until 7am, at which point we went to bed.

Photo of Barceloneta Beach, taken on 1 Jan 2005, blue sky and sunny
Barceloneta Beach, 1 Jan 2005 Posted by Hello
The 1st of January was a beautiful day and we ended up on the beach in Barceloneta. We ended up having the most amazing tapas on the terrace of the Baja Beach Club. I then had to rush to the airport to catch my flight back but made it in time, with even 5 minutes to spare to go wine shopping before boarding. Then for some reason, British Airways decided to upgrade me to business class. I didn't argue of course and enjoyed the wide seat and better leg room. When we landed at Gatwick Airport early, I thought we had flown into another dimension. This feeling was compounded by the fact that the trains were running smoothly and on time and I actually managed to make it from the door of the plane to Kew Bridge in 1½ hour. This is theoretically impossible.

It can't get better than this. I love Barcelona.

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