Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Font Change

I just did a subtle change to this blog, namely changed the font for texts. I decided to use a serif font for the main text rather than a sans-serif one because I prefer serif for text and sans-serif for titles. It usually works better because a serif font is smaller on screen than a sans-serif one, for the same specified size, i.e., a size 12 serif font is smaller than a size 12 sans-serif. Also, as the Wikipedia article puts it: Typically serif fonts are used for body text because the serifs tend to guide the eye along the line, while sans serif fonts are used for headings and for small sections of text, because they typically look 'cleaner' to the eye. And finally, italic letters look better in a serif font.

I experimented with Garamond first because I like the font but it is quite difficult to read at small size so I reverted to good old Times New Roman.

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