Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Beta First Impressions

Ubuntu released the first Maverick beta a couple of days ago. As I had some time on my hands today (including the time to re-install Lucid if it all went pear shaped), I decided the upgrade my ThinkPad T42 so, as instructed, I typed this in a terminal:

update-manager -d

And here's how it went.

The Good

  • The upgrade took a few hours, was extremely smooth and just worked.
  • Everything that I've tried so far just works out of the box, no regressions (apart from a small glitch, see below).
  • I thought Ubuntu 10.04 was fast but 10.10 is even faster! Firefox and Evolution in particular feel snappier.
  • The new keyboard layout indicator is bigger and clearer.
  • Shotwell replaces F-Spot.

The Bad

The Ugly

  • The default background really doesn't look good so the first thing I did was change to a different background image.

All in all, an excellent upgrade!

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Anonymous said...

There's also the improved sound menu (adds media player controls) and the improved software center. But other than that, not too many things have changed since 10.04 (excluding the obvious newer versions of most components)