Friday, 2 January 2009

Parcel Delivered on Time Shocker!

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I was expecting a parcel delivered today. As usual I was quoted a delivery time of between 8am and 6pm, which meant I was stuck at home until it arrived. I was fully expecting to wait all day, make several calls to the courier company and not get the goods delivered today, as has happened several times in the past and as recounted by Toastboy and Coofer Cat. But how wrong I was: the parcel was delivered before 10am by a courteous and smiling driver!

So credit where credit is due: well done DPD, it was perfect and I shall feed this back to the supplier.


JamesHorncastle said...


Parcel delivery companies vary substantially in terms of the service that they offer. You may choose a local company just because you see from their address that they are near to you, but they may be best suited for local parcel deliveries and not nationwide deliveries. Thanks a lot...

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Unknown said...

James, you're correct. However, as a recipient you don't usually have a choice of the courier. Hence why I said I would send back positive feedback to the supplier so that they know about the performance of the firm they use.