Monday, 26 January 2009

Changing The Gas Meter, Part 2

Following a failed attempt by British Gas to have my meter changed, I received some paperwork from National Grid. They want to charge me £110.65 to replace the door on the meter box. I reckon it can wait. In the meantime, I'll investigate with British Gas to find out why they want to change the meter in the first place.


Milla said...


I arrived to your blog as I was looking for information regarding British Gas changing the meters.
Your last update on this is from January: what happened after that? Did someone come? Did you sort it out?

I received the same letter as you, only today. Thank the gods my gas meter box is intact!

Unknown said...

Hi Milla,

Not much happened after that, I didn't send the paperwork so I still have a broken door and the meter is unchanged. I haven't chased British Gas to understand why they want to change the meter and they haven't chased me either, so up to now it's status quo.

If you get yours changed, tell me how it goes, I'd be interested to know.

Milla said...

Hello Bruno,

I called BG after I wrote to you and they told me that in fact it's not compulsory to change the gas meter for me yet. However, my *electricity meter* was from 1979! So it had to be changed.
Yesterday an engineer came and it took him 20 mins to change the electricity meter -a surprise since I expected lots of problems as the meter he removed was 30 years old.

I did a google search for 'british gas changing meter' and I've been reading so many nightmare stories...