Friday, 13 June 2008

Montignac, 12 days on

At the beginning of last week, I decided to follow the Montignac method to try and lose my beer belly. I lost just over 1kg in the first week but realised that, as I was buying my lunch from shops surrounding the office, I had no way to know the exact list of ingredients that went into my food and therefore no way to check that I was really following the method. So I decided to sort out my own pack lunch to make sure I knew exactly what I was eating. This meant doing more comprehensive and careful food shopping at the weekend, which was a bit of a pain but hopefully it would be worth it. As a result, I lost another 200grams on the first day but regained them over the next few days. I finish the week today the same weight as I started it: 87.3kg. That's not very promising and quite frustrating. I'll keep trying for a few more weeks just in case my body needs a bit more time to adapt. After that, if it stays the same, I'll just go buy an ice cream and dump my Montignac books in the (recycling) bin.

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