Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Time Piece

I need a new watch. I accidentally broke mine a few months ago. I suspect I could have it repaired but then I would miss the excitement of getting a new toy. I also want a watch that can handle multiple time zones so that I can check the time at home while I am travelling. I also thought that a radio controlled watch that I would not need to set would be a cool thing.

I've never seen anything like this in the shops here. Ok, I haven't looked very hard.

So rather than go out in the freezing cold of London, I decided to see if Google could help. And indeed it could. By giving it the query watch traveller multiple time zone radio controlled, it came up with Handy Watches, which looks like a nice UK site with a lot of choice, and Watch Report, which looks like a good advice site, with lots of models tested. Browsing the latter, I ended up finding YES Watches. I'll grant you that none of those watches are radio controlled but they are beautiful time pieces and, as a keen photographer, having solar and lunar rhythms on my wrist would be just great. I love them, especially the black titanium models, obviously the most expensive. Digging a bit further, I found out that you can buy them online from ThinkGeek or

Interestingly enough, I want one of those doesn't have them but if you search their products for yes watch, you end up finding some watches and... pole dancing experience vouchers.

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