Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Drunken Cooking

Right, I'm drunk while writing this. Something to do with a few too many bottles of wine in the company of a mad Venetian and a mad Slovenian. Ladies. Yes, ladies but mad. One used to be my flatmate, the other one is my neighbour. They are both lovely. But mad. End result, we drunk way too many bottles of Chardonnay (or rather I drunk way too much of it while they were sipping it).

So, the end result is I came home wanting food and I had lots of raw ingredients in the fridge. But I was still sober enough to remember Irina's email I got earlier today, on how to make sure a grown man won't cry. This involved putting salt on the onion while peeling and cutting it. It worked! I didn't cry. And then I got on with my cooking, ending up with this beautiful mushroom, scallop and salmon brown basmati rice. Very healthy while very filling.

So I might be drunk but I can still cook. Or so says my stomach. A big kiss to Irina for the salty tip as I'm not crying tonight.

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