Sunday, 5 June 2005

New Home Phone

I went back to the Bang & Olufsen shop in Chiswick yesterday and got this BeoCom 6000 phone I wanted to replace the old BT cordless I had. The difference is amazing:

  • The sound in the BeoCom 6000 is crisp and clear, as if you were in the room next to the person you're speaking to, even when the handset is partially charged; much better than the old BT one even at full charge. It may be the least you can expect from a company that specialises in high quality stereos and entertainment systems but it is great to have the same technology in a phone.
  • The wheel control, iPod style, makes it a breeze to use.
  • A nice touch is that when the warning light flashes on the handset, you can just turn the wheel control and it will give you a list of everything that is wrong, such as the battery is flat or it can't find the base, etc. At last a phone manufacturer that got error reporting right!
  • It has a built-in phone book that will show you the name of the person calling, as well as missed calls, if you have BT caller display enabled. It will also ask you whether you want to save any number for which it doesn't have an entry at the end of the call.

This phone isn't cheap but it is definitely in a different league from anything I've seen before: a very nice toy.

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