Tuesday, 8 February 2005

Well Done Ellen!

Tonight saw the final act of an amazing sporting achievement. Ellen MacArthur has just come home after 71 days at sea on a racing yacht. She is now the fastest person ever to have sailed solo around the world, beating the previous record by slightly more than a day. What it takes to achieve such a feat is unbelievable. She is now one of the great British champions, having achieved the ultimate in her sport. She wrote a book a few years back, Taking On The World, which is an amazingly motivating read and I am sure that every ounce of courage and determination that is visible in those pages was with her on the boat over the last 10 weeks. Well done Ellen!

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Manda said...


I wonder if anyone has ever considered going to the North or South Pole... Digging a whole... Filling it with boiling hot water (you know, so it doesn't immediately freeze)... throw in a raft... and float around in a circle to beat that record.