Thursday, 3 February 2005

Cricket in the Toilets

I've just come back from Porterhouse where I had a drink with friends. This pub is on three floors and has a big screen in the basement, where they show important things like rugby matches. However, because it also is a micro-brewery and a nice pub, it caters for trendy crowds and, as a result, has trendy toilets that include a small TV screen.

Tonight was a reasonably quiet night, with a live band playing some U2 songs and other well known stuff. However, there was also what looked like a rather important cricket match, which was not shown on the big screen, only on the small screens in the toilets. As a result, you had half a dozen geezers stuck in front said small TV screen in the toilets, watching the cricket. Now, why would you ever consider going to a pub and spend your time in the loo, watching the cricket? Fair enough, being French, I don't understand cricket anyway. But still, standing in the gents watching TV is not my interpretation of a good night out, whether what's shown on TV is cricket, football or Big Brother. It's all very weird.

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