Tuesday, 1 June 2004

Arranged Marriage

I went to Northumberland over the week-end and took the train from King's Cross station, which is currently a bit of a mess due to some redevelopment work. On the train, I found a 4-page document that someone had forgotten, entitled The Nine Rules of Arranged Marriage. It was apparently written by someone from Indian origins, who got married through an arranged marriage. The 9 rules (in fact 10 because there are two number 6 rules) are meant to give advice to other fellow countrymen who are considering an arranged marriage. What stroke me is that the advice sounds very much like what you'd say to someone who wants to buy a new car, the way he speaks of elligible women as girls being just an example. Some of the comments also show complete lack of experience in terms of relationship with women. So I showed the document to a colleague of mine who is of Indian origin and just got married through an arranged wedding. His comment was The guy is an idiot. Not just me thinking this then. Now, I'm not making a judgement on the practice of arranged marriage but I just hope people get better advice than what I found in this forgotten document.

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