Monday, 17 May 2004

Everything but the most important

Right, as mentioned yesterday, I went to Selfridges tonight to see what was all the fuss about their Brasil 40° event, hoping I'd find some information on how to visit Brazil. They had absolutely everything: artwork from Brazil, a bar that served Brazilian drinks, books on Brazil, you name it. The only thing they didn't have was what I was looking for: a travel section on Brazil... Apart from travel guides that you can find in any bookshop... Considering Selfridges alledgedly partnered with British Airways and Varig, amongst others, to organise this event, I find it a bit stupid not to have a special section on travelling to and around the country. And it's not as if the resident British Airways Travel Shop could have helped: they had all their brochures on display except the South American one. I will not try to understand, I will just go to a travel agent.

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