Saturday, 15 May 2004

Amsterdam, Moscow, pictures and a sunny week-end

Is it 2 weeks since my last post? Terrible! Well, Queen's day in Amsterdam was absolutely fantastic! People all over the city centre, markets, music, dancing in the street, you name it. And the weather was just great! One of the best street parties on the planet. Next year, 30th April is a Saturday so no excuse not to go! Oh and I also visited Utrecht that same week-end: very nice little town, great market near the train station.

Since then, I've been back to Amsterdam for a day last Tuesday but for work this time. I will probably end up back there for a day again next week or the week after. There are also talks of sending me to Moscow 2 days beginning of June. That would be great, I've never been! We'll see.

Great news 2 days ago: someone in Brasil is interested in using one of my pictures from Damon's gallery for a project that they have. I always find it very gratifying when someone finds one of my pictures good enough to be used in their work. If you haven't visited the gallery, have a look: it's got more than 10,000 pictures, sounds, videos, etc. free to download. Some of the stuff there is really fantastic (and I'm not saying this because I am one of the many contributors).

But for now, it's the week-end! Yipee! And the weather is fantastic here in London. Methinks, I'm going to go out, to Kew Gardens for a nice relaxing walk. If you've never been to Kew Gardens and you're in London, you don't know what you're missing: go there!

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