Sunday, 10 February 2008

Vodafone Support

Stop press: Vodafone are not evil, it's just that some of their support staff don't have a clue. Now that's a surprise!

Following my rant about Vodafone contracts and phone warranties, I did not contact the Office of Fair Trading as I said I would. However, a few weeks ago, as my Vodafone contract was about to expire, I took up a contract with 3 and made sure the phone I was getting had a warranty that extended beyond the duration of the contact. I then requested my PAC code from Vodafone to move the number over to the new contract. Of course, that triggered someone at Vodafone to call me and ask why I was leaving. I explained that they had lost me as a customer three months ago after the phone warranty incident. It appears that what I had been told originally was incorrect: all Vodafone handsets have had a 2 year warranty for quite some time so I should have been able to get my handset replaced without a problem. I was then assured that the support manager would be made aware that some of the staff were wrongly advising customers so that this would not happen again. Ah well, too little too late Vodafone.

Funnily enough, getting the PAC code and transferring the number went without a glitch after that: perfect service both from Vodafone and 3.

For tales of PAC code woos, check Coofer Cat.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not sure where the info on all handsets having a 2 year warranty came from. If you get a handset directly from Vodafone its warranty matches the length of conttract you're on; 12 months for 12 months, 18 for 18 and so on. Sorry to hear you've left, just thought I'd clarify this for future reference.


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