Saturday, 3 June 2006

Ironing for Men

Before I left home so many years ago, my mum gave me a lesson in ironing. I've now forgotten most of it except the basics that enable me to iron my shirts. As a result, my iron is always set on the same setting that is good for cotton shirts. Don't ask me to iron anything else as I wouldn't know what to change to do it properly. As a guy who lives on his own in London, I am not an isolated case. I know some people who spend fortunes in dry cleaning because they have no clue how to iron anything. Luckily, this is about to change. Mary Hackney, a student from Coventry University has come to the rescue of iron-challenged blokes with an iron that sports a big handle, simple dials and go-faster stripes. It's also a cool gadget as it includes a scanning device which recognises the fabric and automatically selects the appropriate temperature and steam control. Mary, you're a star! I want one of those!


Anonymous said...

What!? simple dials!? what's simpler than turning a knob to 1-dot, 2-dots, 3-dots?

would you rather pay extra to watch an iron that burns through your clothes as it somehow (maybe by magic) detects that it's silk, or nylon.

ergonomists would have a field-day with the design!

for a real opinion checkout

Anonymous said...

Ah Bruno, so you're alive and well and wielding an iron!



Anonymous said...

It's been a bit of a media frenzy for me! I have to collect various papers for all the different articles and i'm on the bbc radio next week.
Thanks loads for the support.

Anonymous said...

As a product designer myself I can see where Mary is coming from.

I have seen the actual Iron and spoken to the student personally at the degree show.

The technology used is perfectly feasible and the design realises what the student wished to acheive.

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