Saturday, 8 April 2006

Lots and lots of water!

After 3 weeks in Atlanta for work, I had a 3 day week-end to take somewhere before going home. I was originally planning to go to Florida but a combination ot spring break and tennis tournament put too high a price tag on that project. Instead, I found a good deal online to go to the Niagara Falls. In a way, this was also a way for me to correct an old mistake: the very first time I visited the US, I stayed 1 month in Erie and miserably failed to see the Falls.

So I took a flight to Buffalo on Friday evening. I was a bit surprised when the guys at the taxi rank told me that the hotel I had booked was on the Canadian side of the falls rather than the American one. I had no idea because it wasn’t mentionned in the package. But this made it even better as I had never been to Canada.

I saw the Falls for the first time on the Saturday morning. There is only one word to describe them: wow! Even seeing them on an overcast day doesn’t reduce the impact. What does reduce the impact though, is that the town around it is little more than a big amusement park, with casinos and haunted houses galore. There are a couple of redeeming factors though: a few great pubs with excellent live music at the week-end and the Canadians themselves who are extremely friendly.

Photos will be forthcoming soon. I experimented with very long exposures so I have a little work to do in Photoshop before I can post them.

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