Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Liquid Sugar

The region around Chiclayo produces a lot of rice and sugar cane. As a result, a refreshing drink that can easily be found here is sugar cane juice. The process is extremely simple: just feed bits of cane into a special pressing machine that extracts the juice. Nothing more, no additive. The juice is very sweet, as it basically is water with a very high content of : liquid sugar. Sugar in its natural form is indeed liquid. To obtain sugar cubes, the extract is purified and crystallised. Although I have never seen it in the UK, liquid cane sugar is easily found in France, as it is produced in the French Antilles, and is great for cocktails. Look for a brand called Canadou next time you're in France, it is usually found in the spirits section although it is not alcoholic and bring me back a bottle: I ran out at home.

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